Friday, April 14, 2006

My Vegetable Garden

I had talked about doing a vegetable garden and this year I did one. I bought a few starters but planted mostly seeds -- I planted them closer together than instructed as I could not believe they would actually come up!! Unbelievably, I have two kinds of radishes, mustard greens and parsley -- which we used for the bitter herbs in our Passover Seder. Cucumbers, green onions, squash, beets, basil, multiple mints, peppers, a variety of tomatoes, lavender and dill are all in various stages of growth.
I hung CDs that come in the mail on string to wave around as the scarecrows, keeping birds out. They actually worked too!!! My plants are organic, with no sprays and nothing added, except the holes dug by a few quails seeking relief from the heat.
Each day, I run out to see what has popped up. My husband is delighted with each new sprout and requested more cucumber plants. I got those, plus two kinds of eggplant and red peppers, as they all have tags that say "Full Sun." That they will definitely get.
Who could have imagined how much fun I am having, now that I truly am a "farmer."