Thursday, March 02, 2006

Let The Good Times Roll

Last fall, during Fall League baseball, we were handed a small card promoting the World Baseball Classic coming in March. It was on our calendars from then on, though not very well known to others at that time. Yes, we bought tickets to all the Arizona games and the semi-finals and finals in San Diego the minute (really) they went on sale. Actually, there was a glitch and MLB did not release the tickets as promised at 10:00 a.m., so I called every 10 minutes until they were available, taking a total of two hours. I was very friendly with the accessible operator by the time we were done.
That time was well spent as it all starts in the next few days. We both have our new WBC clothing --me a t-shirt with the logo, my husband has 12 shirts with country logos for those that had them online last month and I even got two assorted caps. We will be decked out and grinning from start to finish.
Our seats in Scottsdale are 9 rows up, behind home plate, close enough to actually look at major stars up close. The seats in Chase Field are great, but not quite so up close and personal. San Diego, well, we will be up close in more ways than one as we happen to be staying in the media hotel. As I said, let the good times roll. I will delight in seeing my husband run trying to catch it all on film.