Sunday, January 08, 2006

Vintage Automobiles

This morning, on the way to exercising, I saw a Model T driving down the street. This time of year, around the time of the annual Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction (and other car events), you start seeing lots of old cars coming out of people's garages and out on the road. It is sunny and warm, not too hot, and perfect convertible weather. I like seeing all the old cars, as they are well-cared for, shiny, in good shape, and often brightly colored. I will miss seeing all the old cars ready for auction at Rawhide, particularly those old pickup trucks. I respect that people put so much time and effort into maintaining their cars. They are part of our pop-culture past and a fun trip down memory lane. I would love to go gawk at the cars and celebrity car collectors that attend, but, I must confess -- I would not recognize most of them without my husband's help.