Saturday, November 19, 2005

Retail Shopping in 2005

We had a retail shopping experience last night that left us shaking our heads. I had multiple emails from Kohl's promoting the "A to Z" sale this weekend, with extended hours. An oversized postcard arrived in the mail, increasing my excitement to go look for new jeans for my husband. There was a big sale insert in the Sunday paper as well as another promotional insert in the Wednesday paper. In short, the promotional dollars to attract shoppers to this sale were huge.
But, it worked; we went. The selection of merchandise was plentiful; there were quite a few shoppers browsing about. I found a pair of jeans on the 80% off rack that ended up being the only item we were going to purchase.
A line of six or more shoppers waited at the one open register. There were two loudspeaker calls for "all available cashiers." After about 10 minutes, two strolled over. One opened a line; the other helped the cashier already open. We made our purchase and the gentleman that helped us was very nice. We arrived home with our purchase, to find the following:
1. My daughter did not like the way the jeans fit me;
2. The security sensor on the pants was not removed (and did not activate the alarm upon departing the store) and,
3. I was given a "tell us what you think today!" feedback survey request about our shopping experience. Gosh, do you think I will fill it out? I really like Kohl's, but the experience yesterday will definitely keep my husband from going there again.