Saturday, October 01, 2005

My "Eck" Jersey

I wore my "Eck" jersey for the first time last weeekend to a Diamondbacks game. I love it, and, on top of everything else, it causes a stir. The first person to comment was a vendor outside the stadium who wanted to buy it from me as he loves the "A's". While we were eating our dinner in the Infinity Level Club, another guy yelled "Look, there's an Oakland fan!" He reported the score of the day (Oakland had won) and that he had just moved to Phoenix from Oakland. I told him Huston Street would be my next jersey and he grinned. Once in the seat, this guy in the row ahead of us kept climbing over empty seats to get in and out. After one time when he kicked me, he started warning me he was coming through, "Hey Dennis, I am coming through." It added to the fun of the evening, along with experiencing the opening of GuitarMania on the streets of Phoenix. The guitars were so unique and were so much fun to look at that -- you did not notice it was over 100 degrees outside.
Pssst. The "Eck" jersey is not for sale. My husband bought it for me on eBay, despite his incessant teasing about my choice of baseball legends.