Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hibernation is Ending!

The temperature is dropping below 100 degrees and we, along with the other desert residents, are starting to emerge from our hibernation. Conversely to bears who hibernate in the winter, we hibernate in the summer in the air conditioning. Now, we want to get out and do stuff -- but what? Farmer's markets are coming soon; paddleboats on nearby lakes are calling to me; maybe swing a few golf clubs at the driving range (shoulder permitting, of course!); Fall League baseball, dog agility contests, various art walks and festivals, to name a few. We talk about going to movies as part of our hibernation, but never seem to get there for one reason or another. Many other people spend their summers here at the movies, and why not -- new, huge theatres with rocking seats and fantastic sound systems,.
I plan to create a vegetable garden - last year I grew some small peppers and one giant radish. I hope for a larger crop this year. Speaking of crops, some outings that we will be doing soon are the Queen Creek Olive Oil Company and a nearby apple orchard/farm that has lots of stuff going on during the fall. I am curious about the new Mt. Sinai Jewish Cemetery, located very close to our house. None of this means I will stop reading and reacting to every story about Katrina survivors, the people who made it, those who didn't, the heroic rescuers, the animals left behind and the efforts to rebuild. My heart is still with those affected.
The lizards in our backyard have emerged, just like us.