Friday, September 02, 2005


There are no words to describe the visual impact of the television images and stories of survival, death and destruction. Two heroes are emerging that we will be hearing about in the future:
-- Mayor Nagin, caring, but outspoken for the welfare of his city, with help coming so late that explanations are totally lame.
-- New-Orleans born General Honore who is on the ground, leading the rescue and recovery units, followed by convoys of military, food, and medical supplies. The best tale so far is that he got off the helicopter, looked around, started cursing and barking orders. Sounds like that is what was needed and the right man was selected for the job. Back that up with police and fire rescue teams from around the country -- and we are finally dealing with it.
Several countries have offered help, which we are accepting. The list is interesting in that there are some countries so small and their generosity is overwhelming: El Salvadore, Venezuela, Israel, Greece, South Korea, United Arab Republic, Mexico, Dominican Republic, France. As notable as the list is, there are many countries that are missing from this list which one would expect to reciprocate...