Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Quizno's Ads with the Baby

I don't like those Quizno's ads with the weird baby in them, but was attracted to the ads for the new "Chicken Milano" sandwich. So my daughter and I ventured out to dinner last night. Her sandwich, the "Real Deal" got made on some weird small roll, not the yummy toasty bread, which looked icky to me despite her denials that it was great. She did NOT do her usual "ummmm!" I had the new advertised sandwich and it was good, but lean on ingredients. I will not reveal how the chicken was reheated. Since I am taking the test for "Sanitation Techniques for Food Service Workers" today, I would not order it again as it appears to be a violation waiting to happen, if it did not already.
I sense that Quizno's is not doing too well, up against Subway and their other competitors. Most of the franchise locations are probably only as good as the employees they attract. How do I sense the difficulty, you ask? I will say the place was really clean and neat -- a bonus. But, as anyone who knows me well would know, condiments are my middle name. The BBQ sauce, pickles and peppers were clean and recently filled. But the big containers of horseradish sauce, mustard and red wine vinagrette were gone. A loss for me...but the sign that they re cutting back on expenses.
My recommendation is to cut down on those baby ads and those yucky-looking rolls used for the "Real Deal" sandwiches. And, of course, bring on the condiments.