Friday, July 22, 2005

Stanley Steemer Wins Our Vote!

We became fans of Stanley Steemer in California when all our neighbors used them -- I called the company to ask why all my neighbors were using them. I found out it was a steam extraction method using natural products (based on oranges) -- so there were no chemicals or odors remaining -- a plus in an allergy/asthma house. We have used them ever since and recommended them whenever possible.
Now, they have exceeded our customer service expectations. The Tempe-based Stanley Steemer did a great job on our carpets two months ago. The cleaners showed us that they had inadvertently broken a bobblehead collectible. They offered to take it with them to see if it could be repaired. I learned a lesson in that I should have put everything away, but they were very honorable in telling us about it and trying to move the piece of furniture where it was located. We were busy, had no word from them and had chalked it up to experience as we realized it was not something we could replace.
Today, Mr. John Ojeda, the manager, called and said it was repaired. He brought it up personally and we all marveled at the repair job done by Legacy Art Restorations ( You cannot even see that it was ever broken!
It is so unusual to find a business that would follow up with such excellent customer service. That is rare these days. Hats off to Stanley Steemer.