Friday, July 29, 2005

Chicken Stock and Big Knives at Outback

We ventured to an Outback Steak House tonight -- our first such outing to satisfy my daughter's craving for ribs after a movie. She loved her meal, and ours were ok. I was struck by the large amount of meat, fried potatoes and heavy people in the restaurant. Our vegetarian "Outbacker" revealed that most everything is cooked in chicken stock. What was weirder - a vegetarian server in a steak house or chicken stock on everything? Also, there were really large knives on the table, like those mentioned in "Crocodile Dundee" ("That's not a knife; this is a knife", as Mick waves a huge knife at the would-be muggers). We had read that the bloomin' onion was the highest fat and carb menu item available in any restaurant and I saw many being served.
I worry about what people eat, how much they eat and the ultimate cost of caring for them in the healthcare system. I guess once hospital administrator, always hospital administrator. Sure would have preferred seeing healthier food, but then, I was at Outback. My thought is that it is highly unlikely we will be making a return visit. Next, she wants to try ribs at Applebee's. Our parade of unhealthy food will be continuing.