Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hybrids --- My Way

As a person concerned about the environment, I have followed the various automobile hybrids -- the Prius, the new Lexus -- with great interest. I created my new breed of hybrid today. I make these egg-white cups (using Eggology brand, of course.) The recipe is modified from the South Beach diet, using a muffin tin, filled with olives, and other treats. Recently I started making muffin cups, for a breakfast of muffin-egg sandwich, an updated form of the "Egg McMuffin." These are really excellent travel breakfasts as they can easily be eaten on the move. Today, my hybrid emerged accidentally, as with all great inventions (Post It Notes, chocolate chip cookies, for example). I had an extra glob of muffin that was too small to bake alone. I poured in some egg whites, and the new hybrid was born. It was a natural combo that worked perfectly and will travel extremely well. All part of conservation in that I could not bear to have all the muffin cups filled when using my convection oven.