Wednesday, August 24, 2005


The class of 2009 always knew Starbuck's, voice mail, a George Bush as president....gosh, I am getting old. I remember the first Starbuck's in the U District in Seattle when I was in college; have fond memories of Jimmy Carter; learned about computers with Fortran on a room-sized processor, and tried skiing (albeit unsuccessfully) before snowboarding even existed.
This list included in the above link had "They have always been challenged to distinguish between news and entertainment on cable TV". My daughter, a member of the high school class of 2010, is currently learning about propaganda in Social Studies. The teacher is showing various bumper stickers as examples of propaganda in action. They are assigned to go through news magazines and newspapers to find examples to share with the class. She is hoping to use "In Touch" as one of the sources for progaganda -- perhaps seeing if it is true that Angelina was responsible for Brad and Jen breaking up? Or if J Lo is pregnant or not?
Notably missing from the list for the class of 2009 were anti-war peace vigils or demonstrations. Glad they will now get to see those in action. I wonder, does all this Iraq War stuff have any relationship to propaganda?