Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Watching A Crippled Plane

Ok, it is morbid to watch a crippled plane land, thinking you might be watching something horrific. Who did not imagine how it would have been to be a passenger in the plane, waiting, circling, assume crash position for the "emergency landing." It went so smoothly, to the credit of a very capable pilot and a crew that reportedly stayed calm as they kept the passengers informed of their plans. Watching themselves on tv on the plane had to be weird, but it was shut off before the landing.
Hats off to the pilot, crew and LA Fire Department for being ready. I missed seeing the fireman, who, while taking a boy off the plane to the waiting bus, put his helmet on the boy's head. For at least awhile, people will not take a successful, smooth landing for granted. I like to see the pilot standing at the plane when I get off so I can say "thank you." There are many thankful people tonight, even though they did not intend to be in LA overnight. My husband had a close friend standing by in the airport, waiting for a flight delayed by this event. I hope he got home safely -- how scary to have to get on a plane immediately after watching the drama firsthand.