Monday, October 10, 2005

Arizona Fall League 2005

Fall League began for us last week in Peoria. I measure the games by how many World Series rings I spot among the scouts. There were the usual 10 fans, about 30 scouts, netting two rings. Today, back in Peoria, we encountered over 300 fans, MLB Scouting School, a record nine rings, Jenny Finch, Mitchell Page and one really relaxing afternoon. Steven Drew was great as were a few of the other players (you heard it from me first: he has the same smooth moves as ARod).
I generally clap for everyone as I think they should know someone appreciates their play. The scouts are timing base runs and capturing speed of the pitches, and are expressionless, lest they share their opinions with a competing team's scout. I am often the solo clapper. Friday, Gary Harris of the Mariners was cheered on by his mom and dad. Today there were actual fans in the stands. I cannot wait until our next game as it is the only time my husband runs -- he has been spotted running into the stadium and towards various players.
P.S. I did not share my opinion on Drew with the two scouts wearing Florida Marlins and NY Yankees World Series rings that were seated nearby. My obsessive observation of World Series rings has led me to a conclusion -- that newer, recent rings are much more flamboyant (larger, more diamonds) than older rings which look alot like very big school rings. The most flashy one was at both games, but I did not get a good enough look to identify which team.