Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Eagles In Concert Again (Not the football ones!)

I am still smiling from the excitement of "The Eagles" concert last night. Yes, it was the third one in three years --- but I listen to them every day when I exercise and am in my car. I get a thrill seeing my favorite songs performed live. So what if it is the same comments and jokes as the last two concerts? The audience demographic at the event in the Glendale Arena (AZ) skewed to middle age -- and the performers themselves are showing signs of aging and appear to be a bit road-weary. In fact, Glenn Frey said, "Are there any young people in the crowd tonight? If so, your parents had some great friends. Us!" They proceeded to play for over three hours, with their signature three encores, ending with the traditional "Desperado." I did not want the lights to go on or the evening to end. And if you offered me tickets for the show here in two weeks, I'd be there all over again.
Oddly, "The Eagles" were not even mentioned in passing in the story below "That Old Time RockNRoll Still Reels in Fans." The arena was sold out; people are pricing tickets very high on auction sites -- someone else is buying them besides me. I know that I saw alot of other oldies, as my daughter calls them, singing along with their old friends last night.