Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Westminster Dog Show

Luckily, we happened on the finals of the Westminster Dog Show on television tonight. We love watching and cheering for these champions, picking favorites and poking fun at the announcers and handlers. The winner was not our first choice -- we liked the Dalmation and the Scottish Deerhound personally. I cannot help but think of the contrast in the lives of homeless people and animals on the street who have no food, shelter or medical care, when these dogs are treated as royalty.
We will likely never have a dog in our house again, but dreams of Andy, the Retriever will be around for awhile. The dog show, though not as funny as with Fred Willard in "Best In Show" is a wonderful diversion from reality. We did try to get a Doberman a few years ago, after watching a red Dobie, Indy, win the Westminster. He was not the right dog for our house and it ended sadly for us --- but the dog is happy and a champion himself.