Friday, January 20, 2006

Global Warming

Global warming is not a new topic for me to think about, but it is still disturbing for me. I read that some tiny tree frogs in Costa Rica are now going extinct (they think 122 species are already gone) because the global warming is encouraging growth of a tree moss that is poisonous to the frog. So more moss grows, the frogs eat them, and so the story goes.
Everyone knows that "The March of the Penguins" is a documentary film about the breeding habits of the penguins returning to ice caps -- but do you know that these are shrinking annually due to, guess what, global warming? If you saw the movie, you will never forget the sadness of the fathers at the ruined eggs or mothers when their chicks did not survive the cold in their nesting spots on their feet.
The film crew went to document the penguins, with the intent of showing the impact of global warming in a way that people could relate to. Ski resorts without snow are a bit closer to home, but no less disturbing. Can we change what we have started? Well, since people STILL litter while driving or throw lit cigarettes out the window, we are doomed. And so are those cute penguin babies and tiny tree frogs.