Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Super Bowl 40 Commercials

We planned ahead for Super Bowl XL -- think of how rarely you use Roman numerals. I originally wrote XXXX, but that looked weird, so I changed it back to Super Bowl 40.
Anyhow, Super Bowl commercials were a big deal in our house. We staked out our chairs, armed with rating sheetings and pens. We were so busy watching commercials that we did not eat all the snacks planned for the event. As a Seattle-born viewer, I was saddened by the game calls and outcome.
My favorite commercial was predictable, since I met "Duke" at a traveling Clydesdale road show in Seattle 20 years ago -- yes, the young Clydesdale pulling (or so we think) the cart aided by two big horses, unseen to the parents. I cried as it was so sweet. I am hoping that our summer travel plans include a visit to one of the Clydesdale stables around the country in search of the little horse.
The Dove commercial, aimed at young women and their self esteem was excellent. I deal daily with those topics (weight, being different, popularity, fitting in) with my daughter and her friends -- they hit the topic right on. We all have to do whatever it takes to keep our teens from doing self destructive behavior.
The revolving refridgerator reminded me of the scenes in "Blast from the Past" and was a favorite until forced to eliminate some of my choices by my fellow reviewers. It got bumped by the choreguys on the roof as it was so clever and elicited a laugh.
Overall, my ratings were based on whether they were original and made me laugh or cry the first time seen. The one about working with jackasses was just plain funny as it is so true for so many people -- who has not worked with a bunch of jackasses?