Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Big Break?

Anyone who has ever been in a band hopes for the big break, being discovered and the dream of becoming the next hot phenomena. Several "garage bands", comprised of high school and college students in Arizona are getting their shot -- courtesy of the Circle K Tempe Music Festival. Today, six bands played three original songs at Desert Ridge Marketplace. The same will be repeated over the next few weeks, whittling down semi-finalists to a show on COX 7, "Cox Rox" where viewers can vote for their favorites. Five bands will perform at the Music Festival, with the winner opening for John Mayer on April 1.
We got there early, had front row seats and watched these musicians perform. They played their hearts out, carting their gear in and out of the stage in the middle of the mall. Their parents carried amps and speakers; friends helped cart guitars, drums and assorted gear. The small crowd was mostly family and friends cheering them on -- taking pictures and sharing the concert via cellphones. Their energy and enthusiasm was contagious. Parents and grandparents rocked along with them, mouthing the words, supporting and encouraging their dreams. It was hard not to rock with their songs when they tried so hard. Some of the bands will go on to the next stage, others will not. But, no matter what, they touched their dreams today, and that is what this was all about. We are looking forward to going back for the other rounds and look forward to seeing who gets big break.