Saturday, March 04, 2006

Olympics I Could Get Into

I have never been a fan of The Olympics. Don't get me wrong -- I admire the ambition and drive of the athletes to compete for their country -- but I am not interested in watching the events. But, now, reading about the Knitting Olympics -- I see an Olympic event that I could be interested in. I recently took a knitting class with my daughter, so we would have something we could do together and knit items for the homeless, children's hospitals or other groups in need. It was also something I felt would be a practical use of odd periods of time, while waiting here and there.
The idea of the Knitting Olympics was very creative. The event was to start a difficult project during the opening ceremonies, work on it throughout the games and complete it during the closing ceremonies. An admirable goal, in which 4000 people in 22 countries participated, many neglecting their jobs and families to achieve their goal. It started from an idea on a popular knitting blog and spread rapidly around the globe. Good activity for all the armchair athletes around the world, and, best of all, there was no drug testing required. I do admit that I am often overwhelmed by the stories of human drama surrounding the Olympics.