Friday, March 17, 2006

MVP = Class + Heart + Cash

Being an MVP for the Phoenix Suns means more than just a title for Steve Nash. He obviously loves someone very much that was born in Paraguay. The following news caught my eye as, having been there, there was a tremendous need for the ICU and medical unit, increasing the chances of survival for children born in Asuncion and the surrounding countryside. Wow, a person of character....

Nash spends endorsement cash on Paraguay hospital

Paul Coro The Arizona Republic Mar. 16, 2006 12:00 AM

It's not just that Steve Nash is the reigning Most Valuable Player and favorite to become the eighth player in NBA history to repeat.And it's not just that a Canadian computer company called one of its systems the "MVP" because Nash pitched it in commercials.It's what he did with the fees he received for a rare corporate endorsement. Nash did commercials for MDG, a Canadian computer company, and used his pay to cover half the costs of a new intensive care post-operative pediatric cardiology ward in Paraguay. Nash paid for the other half, too.

There was no neonatal care unit or operating room at Hospital del Clinicas in Asuncion, Paraguay, where his wife, Alejandra, grew up. He said it was one of the most fulfilling things he has ever done."This is paramount for the children," said Nash, whose charitable foundation targets youth causes. "The kids either have to fly to Brazil or, unfortunately, a lot of them die."