Monday, March 06, 2006

A Retail Store

The string cheese package has riddles on each piece: the riddle on the one I ate had "Where does a monkey go after they lose their tail?" (answer above). But, if the monkey goes, they should be patient while waiting. We went to Radio Shack today to buy an obscure replacement battery. The young man working there had 3 customers ahead of us and he had to also take inquiries about products on the phone. Two of the people in line were older customers that had been given hand-me-down electronics (cameras) by their children, obviously when they were upgrading. The salesclerk had to find the parts they needed, install them and then do detailed explanations. The third guy in line was rummaging in some replacement parts bins, put his intended purchases on the counter and waited. He obviously grew impatient, wandered about and ultimately left, with, as my husband said, "a five-finger discount". When it became our turn to be waited on, the clerk looked around for the parts the previous guy had left behind and then focused his attention on us. They did not have the part, but we left with a part number to use at other Radio Shack stores and some empathy for the young man, who was working hard, courteous, trying to please the customers --- he probably had a frustrating afternoon.