Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Ways to be Non-Productive

I have added two new hobbies recently that are wonderful, but also have added to my ability to be non-productive. I spend a great deal of time looking at (admiring) my new vegetable garden, noting what is growing, what needs water, etc. Until now, I did not understand the desire of folks to drop out of the business world to become organic farmers. The satisfaction of something actually growing is unbelievable.
It turns out you can also waste time monitoring the fermentation of your homemade sourdough starter. Within two days, it is already bubbling and expanding. I am pondering all the baked delights I can create when it is ready. Baking is not usually my forte, but this will be fun. A new, fantastic bakery has opened, at long last, in Phoenix (Simply Bread). I could not dare to think that I could come close to their superior breads, perfect in flavor and texture, reminscent of Acme Bread in Berkeley.
Add those to my existing timewasters of fiddling around with the pool, looking over the fence into my neighbor's yard, and rummaging in the mark-down bin at the grocery store...
Meanwhile, I have some other projects that need some attention, but they are not nearly as fun.