Sunday, April 30, 2006

An Uplifting Way to Create Awareness

If I had known about the 70-mile chain of bras created in Cyprus, I would have been able to contribute. There are about 115,000 bras hooked together in an effort to heighten awareness about breast cancer. I have many bras of different sizes and types, from before and after breast cancer surgery. The headline "Women break bra world record" was a clever way to draw attention to the disease, and broke the previous record in Singapore.
I marvel at the unique ideas people have. One such idea is Ben's Bells, a small effort in Tucson, AZ. where handmade strings of bells are hung randomly, waiting for the right person to find them. They are in honor of Ben, a two-year old boy that died suddenly. His family started the twice-annual bell distribution to spread the bells, and thoughts of kindness to strangers who needed positive thoughts after a loss of their own. People are encouraged to write back with where they found the bells and how they helped them heal. The stories are amazing, and it is more fascinating that the bells seem to be found by those in emotional pain. Their goal was to make the world a kinder, gentler place. It is such a great, and simple, start.
Another idea was the collection of flip-flops to be distributed to children in Uganda. Their feet are cut from walking on rocks and glass, becoming infected. The simplest pair of flip-flops can change their lives.
Ideas of simple acts that change the lives of other are priceless. Is that what karma is? If not, it should be, in my mind that is. If only I could come up with some simple idea to help those penguins and polar bears affected by global warming and melting icecaps.