Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Seeing Your Progress While Housecleaning

Anyone who knows me well knows that I hate housecleaning, and will procrastinate whenever possible. When I eventually do clean, I am very crabby and unpleasant. However, lately I have unearthed two cleaning tools that add some element of interest to my cleaning.
When I bought a Swiffer a few years ago, my daughter took the pole to use for a class on being an inventor. I located the pole recently and, lo and behold, my dry Swiffer is fantastic. I can push it around the house as I aimlessly wander about, cleaning at the same time. The BEST thing is that you can look at it and feel great about all the dirt you are picking up. I can only imagine the satisfaction of cleaning the floor with a wet Swiffer!
After much consideration, we bought a HEPA, bag-free Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner last December, and I just opened it. It is heavy, awkward, difficult to push, the on/off switch is in an inconvenient spot as a terrible design flaw, and my hips are bruised from attempting to shove it along when I cannot push it. That said, it was too late to return it as I do not think it is user friendly at all. Thus, I am using it and find that it does have one redeeming feature -- the ability to see the dirt collected in the clear, bagless container. It is amazing how much dirt you can collect with a vacuum strong enough to pull the tassels off the end of an area rug.
I LOVE seeing the dirt, but the bag-free feature is really not effective. When you empty the cannister, a good portion of the dust/dirt is sprayed around the area again, which means you should be emptying it outside. Someone with a dust allergy could use the vacuum and benefit from the results, as long as they did not have to empty the cannister.