Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Finally - Reality TV I Can Get Into

The Learning Channel (TLC) has found a way for me to watch reality TV. "Shalom In The Home" is the story of an Orthodox Rabbi that travels around in an Airstream Trailer, helping families heal, solve their problems and bring peace to their lives (the meaning of Shalom is peace.) It is honest, captivating and charming, while being very realistic. Some of the interventions appear that they will be unfixable.
The show immediately after that also offers real family situations with lessons in family health, wellness and nutrition."Honey, We're Killing The Kids!" uses some high-tech method of aging kids to age 40, without changing their diets, exercise and lifestyle. This motivates the parents to participate in a three-week deal with a nutritionist that makes rules for each week and monitors enforcement, including a hidden camera at the junk food stash. At the end, the changes in each child and the family progress are reviewed. The family discusses carrying their lessons forward and how they have benefitted. It is reality at its best and worst --- we love it!