Saturday, April 22, 2006

Make Every Day Earth Day

The headline read "Make every day Earth Day" -- I decided to make that my motto. I try my best to conserve, to make a difference, in hopes of making up for those who do not. We celebrated today by donating old monitors to an electronics recycling drive by, a group of Arizona college students that collects, refurbishes and donates outdated electronics to organizations in need. We ate locally, with our salad from our very own (and nearby) garden. I was there when it started 36 years ago and hope to be here to contribute in the next 36 years.
My daughter had the opportunity to go on a desert Jeep ride last year. She came home, and I asked what she had seen. She replied, "lots of plastic bags." I can only imagine the birds, owls and other creatures negatively impacted by these horrible items. The City of Scottsdale says that plastic grocery bags are the No. 1 contaminant in the Curbside Recycling Program. At least, if you are not going to use paper bags, PLEASE dispose of them properly so we can keep our animals out of harm's way.