Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Another Halloween

I don't like Halloween for some reason -- many people think I was traumatized as a kid. But I also don't like costume parties, so maybe there is some correlation. There are some candies I like that are possibly no longer popular -- these are "Good 'N Plenty", "Big Hunk" and "3 Musketeers". I only like the "3 Musketeers" bar when it is frozen, however. My daughter offered to share her loot tonight, but there was none of the above and there was no dark chocolate of any kind.
I feel I cannot let this day pass without acknowledging the anniversary of this day six years ago. I started my radiation treatments on Halloween. It was perfect, in that a scary, strange treatment began with all the staff in costume and treats everywhere. It took the edge off of an odd day. Yes, I am here six years later to remember and appreciate it, but I still don't like Halloween. I admire that people are doing such creative decorations and worry so about their costumes, but it is not for me. I hope I am here to not like it next year as well.