Monday, August 28, 2006

Target My Way

Everyone seems to be loving Target stores these days. No matter what you like, you will find some version of it available at Target. I don't go often as I find their "clearance" sections to be irresistable, always buying items I don't really need. The Garden Center has become a draw for me as they offer great, healthy plant starts.
Today, I made a discovery. The bags, the dreaded plastic bag, have tips on them for reusing the bag (if you cannot recycle it, of course.) I go to great lengths to reuse paper and plastic bags, to the extent that groceries often end up in the driveway when the bags break open.
Target's suggested uses are a mix of practical ideas with really funny ones: tiny trashcan liner, doggy duty, water balloon, roadtrip rubbish, soggy laundry, ice pack for head lump (my personal favorite), toiletry tote, kitty litter liner, tomorrow's lunchbag or care package padding.
I hope people take these ideas to reuse the bags to heart. My daughter went on a desert jeep ride last year; when she came home and was asked what she saw, her reply was "lots of plastic bags stuck on bushes."