Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bob Dylan and Sen. Barack Obama

I bet you did not think you could use the names of Bob Dylan and Senator Barack Obama in one sentence. Well, not only did I do that, but I saw both of them in a 24-hour period. Thinking back, it was pretty incredible and more exciting that I had expected. Not surprisingly, they have much in common. Listen up....
Bob Dylan -- our first show, but clearly not our last -- was seeing a legend perform his magic. It was surreal (we asked each other later if it really happened). He sang old songs, new songs, gave us chills. The highlight was "Like A Rolling Stone." He has influenced, and been influenced by musicians around the globe and throughout several decades. His music has changed the world, when he was seen as a symbol of the peace movement, even though he did not choose that as his hallmark.
Senator Barack Obama is going to change the world -- that is what I told him when he signed my book at an event Monday evening. He shook hands with 1200 people while signing. He is awesome, and his speech brought tears to my eyes as he touched on issues and ways to bring diverse people together to solve issues. His interest in the environment touched me personally. The poise and ease with which he spoke (we could not tell if it was scripted...) was phenomenal and he spoke a bit longer than planned as he was enjoying the acoustics of the majestic Orpheum Theatre. Ruth and I were honored to be in his presence, and he smiled when I told him that.
I was in the presence of greatness with both of these people as both are leaving their mark on history.
These two special days preceded the very last Homeowner Association Board meeting where I was president, an assignment I naievely accepted last year. And, then, this really fun, unusual flower and gourd arrangment with faces on the gourds arrived from my brother that makes me smile each time I look at it.
In all, my birthday year is off to a great start, but Jacqueline Bigar already knew that in my birthday horoscope. Will the hits keep on coming? I hope so and appreciate all of them.