Monday, November 27, 2006

My Dream Job

I love homebaked cookies, but do not have the patience or interest to bake them. I have enough willpower to ONLY eat yummy-looking homebaked cookies or have no dessert at all. So, when the chance to be a cookie contest judge was available, I jumped on it. On Dec. 13, I am a judge for the holiday cookie contest on the food show ("Culinary Confessions") on KXAM 1310 AM and I am looking forward to it. I will exercise extra to prepare for that day.
I am not looking for a job, but had to sign up for some kind of job posting when entering a contest on "Monster Jobs" or whatever it is called. I put in that I was looking for a food testing/tasting job. Periodically I receive an email that there are jobs that match my interests; usually they involve some kinds of meat which I am not interested in.
Crunchy cookies, yes; meats, no!