Monday, January 01, 2007

Birding in the New Year

The Carefree (AZ) Annual Bird Count is happening on Jan. 2, 2007 (the first time I wrote that!!!) and I was lucky enough to get selected to help count. I like feeding the birds in our yard, but have no birding experience. Thankfully I am assigned to a team of experienced bird counters. We will walk two golf courses and a closed landfill in search of our feathered friends. The day ends with a summary of birds seen in the 15-mile radius of Carefree, AZ. It tracks what species are here and how migration patterns are affected, by weather, fires, etc.
It will be a long day, strolling about, learning a great deal and helping out with my limited skills. I think it is a unique way to start the year, and hopefully, will be the first of many new adventures. My family thinks I have lost my mind, and perhaps I have (maybe I will find it as I wander about...) If I see a eagle, I will be happy, but I will more likely see a bunch of adorable quails and some cardinals.