Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Free Stuff

Today Starbuck's launched a new blend of coffee, "Pike Place Roast". Of course, I was there as it was free. In fact, I went to two Starbuck's in the 30 minute window of free coffee (because of my errands, not just for the free coffee....)
The roast is great -- strong enough to make me stop and get a cup as it will be available every day. Sentimental reasons also got me there, as I was in college when the first Starbuck's opened in Pike Place Market.
The first place (Pinnacle and Pima) offered it to everyone in line, though many still bought other drinks. They had it in "tall cups" and gave some facts about the new coffee to the business folks in line. The next one had a wider mix of customers, with many more opting to take it instead of buy their beverage. The staffwas more chatty about the blend, the coffee, etc. and had it pre-poured in short cups as advertised.
I would much rather stop to buy a cup of coffee at Starbuck's than other places, because they have relationships with farmers for sustainable crops. And, I can get one of the amazing donuts from TopPot. Today I ate an apple fritter that had chunks of apple in it.
Yes, their promotion worked. I will go back; in fact, I am going back tomorrow to meet a friend.