Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I am an avid recycler and use that as an excuse to not throw things away. My cousin told me about www.freecycle.org and I love it. The goal is to freecyle your stuff that would otherwise be thrown into a landfill or cannot be given away or donated easily. People have had the strangest stuff offered; more strange than that is that people take the strange stuff.
I posted some items this week, and it was an interesting experience. There were all kinds of people responding, almost an overwhelming number. I read the posts and didn't know how to select; first in, best reason for wanting it, etc. There were some sob stories to be sure.
Our daughter's playstructure left today, to a new home with a little 2 year-old boy and a dad who loves him enough to look at it, dismantle it without a manual and take it to reassemble. He helped me figure out how to work something I got freecycled to me as well. Our barbecue caused confusion as I did not post it correctly. We purchased the wrong size batteries and those were mailed to someone that could use them.
There are groups in different areas, by neighborhood, so that you don't have to drive far, wasting gas, to get the stuff. One of my replies was from a neighbor, which was a pleasant surprise.
Now I am gathering lots of stuff to do -- my first project is empty containers that I cannot bear to throw away and cannot reuse -- pump soap and cream dispensers, metal tea tins, some old vases and a bunch of really old, but pretty silk flowers.
A new hobby -- freecycling! And a new vocabulary too.