Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Birds In The Yard

Ok, I am turning into the bird lady. I love to feed the cute birds (cardinals, quails, songbirds) but not the big gross pidgeons and crows. I lament that the quail burrow into the dirt and ate my vegetable starts -- but I was delighted to see my first 6 quail babies. I have not seen them since so....
I read that songbirds eavesdrop to survive, knowing the words that other birds use to warn for predators. Chickadees make one sound when a predator is spotted and another when it lands, calling an alarm to other birds to scare the offending predator off. They also listen to the alarm calls for other species. In our area, owls and hawks are the most common predators.
I know this is also true for finding food. When one bird sees that I have put out crumbs of whatever today's treat is, they yell it out to all the other types. Some run in, some fly in. And I love it all.