Sunday, July 08, 2007

Live Earth -- From A Distance

It would have been great to be at one of the concerts held around the world on July 7, 2007 for Live Earth. I am thrilled that there was an event calling attention to the climate crisis. Though we observed it from our home, via radio and computer, it is remarkable that people are talking about the topic of stopping global warming -- and best of all, what they can do themselves to make a difference.
The fact that the energy saved in recycling one can could allow enough power to watch tv for three hours should strike home with lots of the two billion participants. But, as I learned when working in rural Georgia in 1973, people that do not have food, water, health care or a job don't care that much about saving the planet. Their focus is more on themselves and their families. Certainly there are people who had no electricity or the means to participate in this awareness event.
But, perhaps, baby steps is better than nothing.
I applaud the organizers, the participating musicians and all the people that watched their favorite performers. If each of those people made some changes in their livestyle, it will have an immediate impact.
I noted that Al Gore, the originator of the Live Earth idea, travelled by train between the two events in the US. I guess it would have been hypocritical to drive, or, in his case, be driven.