Friday, May 06, 2005

Fun in the Sun (and inside) at the Sun Festival Southwest

An afternoon spent at the Sun Festival Southwest is a reward for someone who knew GWB would be as horrible as he actually is. All the people --vendors, speakers, attendees-- were people acting on and working towards their values of making the world a better place. Particularly, it was a celebration of healthy living and alternative energy/conservation ideas. There were booths with organic produce, natural-based creams and potions, tea, coffee alternatives, a variety of alternative medicine providers, etc. There were booths of hemp clothing, recycled tires made into purses, and water blessings. These are labels to put on your water bottles to give a message to the water molecules, which, in response to the suggestions of the word (peace, love, serenity) group together to be more powerful. Perhaps the influence of Alexis deToqueville? or Howard Deaniacs?
Utility companies were there promoting water conservation (giving out the reminderband rubber bracelets with a message) and info on solar power generation. There were demonstrations of biodiesel fuel (made from used cooking oil) and electric/hybrid cars. There was more earth-saving things to see and learn about -- as I said, people were there acting on their values and priorities in a warm building or hot sun, teaching others about composting, edible landscape, or use of biodiesel fuels.
My daughter was reluctant to attend, but learned about water conservation. I may be imagining it, but she reduced her shower length slightly. She asked if it was a political event. Well, what was her clue? A tin of mints with GWB photo, called Embarrassmints? Or bumper stickers saying "How do you say Vietnam in Arabic?" or "OK, you schmucks. You took over Iraq. Now, just move there."
I really loved the few hours, though it reinforced the minority that us folks are in the current world. When we were paying the admission and presented a 2-for-1 coupon I had found, it stalled the transaction. My husband said, "Now we know why the Democrats never win." Guess that was the precursor to the bumper sticker that said "I am not rich enough to vote Republican." As a followup, I have a new, non-toxic cleaner made by Ed Begley, Jr. And my hope for the future is slightly buoyed, unless those horrible new judges get confirmed, that is.