Sunday, March 02, 2008

aka Cinnamon Shores

As part of my belly dance class, it was suggested by the instructor Zohar (Laura) that we select a name for our dance persona. It is usually a mythology name, or taken from history or literature, reflecting the ancient nature of the dance and music as well as feminine sensuality. I thought of Esther (Queen Esther in the Old Testament) as she likely did belly dance to perform for the King when competing for his attention in the harem. But my mother's name is Esther and that makes it just not conjure up the right image.....
Tonight, my husband came up with the perfect name -- Cinnamon Shore. Cinnamon is great as it is an ancient spice, both hot, sweet and fragrant. Cinnamon Shores is a new beach development he found, but it could as easily be Cinnamon K or Kitty. I suggested Cinnamon Spice but was vetoed.
I like it, as, to me, cinnamon evokes an image of red, which, of course, is my very favorite color! We also use a great deal of cinnamon in this diabetic household, and I generally use way too much of it, so the nickname is appropriate. And cinnamon can also be hot -- hot flashes, hot weather to come.