Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pickle Juice

Ok, I admit, I pour pickle juice in lots of stuff -- salad dressing, marinade, water when making stew or a corned beef. I hate to waste it as it is already flavored and has vinegar, a glycemic-lowering item that is valuable in a diabetic's life. I read (and, of course, have already ordered) about picklesickles, a popsicle item made of pickle juice. It has been tested with kids, diabetics and adventurous foodies. The USA Today story intrigued me to go to the website www.picklesickle.com -- even skeptics like them after taking one small taste.
Not available in stores just yet, it is the first frozen vegetable popsicle. We like to be on the forefront of new food items and are anxiously awaiting their arrival.