Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Why Is It?

Why is it people drive with their handicapped placard hanging from the mirror? It obstructs visibility and clearly states that it should be removed when driving.
Why is it that people litter? Can't they just keep the trash in their car until they get to their destination? Why do they throw out burning cigarettes (don't even know how to spell it!) when there is fire danger?
And, last on my mind today, why don't people pull over and/or stop when an ambulance/aide car approaches? What if it was their family or friends inside?
I just don't get any of these things!

A Good Day

I know that I am going to have a good day, as mine always starts with coffee service in bed. My husband faithfully brings me a really big cup of coffee in bed whenever I wake up. I treasure that and feel very spoiled!
Other factors in a good day are seeing pretty flowers, getting an email that makes you smile, eating something interesting, finding a fantastic new product at Trader Joe's, doing something nice for someone else, reading about a new medical procedure or treatment so awesome that you know there is a G-d above, and generally feeling like everything is ok.
So oten, that can be shaken up by something out of your control, but so far, today, I am having an awesome day!

Monday, June 28, 2004

Someone Is Spying On Me

I am getting so many pop-up ads and tracking items on my computer and it is so annoying. We have tried multiple softwares to get rid of them; I have unsubscribed to most everything I get and they still come. So, advertisers out there -- as someone who has shopped online in the past, I will never buy from a pop-up ad. Stop it and figure out a way that will attract customers, not just piss them off!!!!

The Summer Fun Continues!

In less than one month we get to eat dinner at Morimoto's Restaurant. We saw a show about his restaurant on "The Food Network" and it looked amazing. We have watched him as early "Iron Chef" fans and are so excited about a dinner at this innovative restaurant. I even made the reservations at "Open Table" on the day they became available (2 months ahead.)
And then, if that was not enough, we get to see Don Henley. His tour starts when The Eagles tour ends. It should be a wonderful evening; reviews of previous concerts say that he sings lots of Eagles songs. As my husband says, "Why not? He wrote them."
July looks like it will be full of great times.

If You Nail Two Sticks Together,.....

I have been thinking about something I saw yesterday at Fry's Electronics (see previous post for details). It was a plastic thing that was called "cell phone safety holder", and it took me a few minutes to figure it out. It is shaped like a cupholder on the botton and the top allows you to set your phone in it while in the car.
Well, so far today, my phone was on the passenger seat, in my pocket, on the floor, stuck in my bra, sliding under my water bottle, etc. So, I was thinking about that item and how it would have prevented me, and possibly other drivers, from extreme reaches and gyrations while driving, in a futile attempt to retrieve your cell phone. So, from the school of "if you nail two sticks together, someone will buy them.", I will be doing that.

Sunday, June 27, 2004


I find all Richard Dreyfuss movies to be snoozers, and have not watched any of them since "The Goodbye Girl." Also "My Favorite Year" and "My Dinner With Andre" are good if anyone wants me to reveal enemy secrets. And while I am at it, anything to do with Harry Potter (books or movies) seems like slow, painful torture. Last, but certainly not least, "L.A. Law" is good when you want to take a little nap.

Fry's Electronics

This place seems to be a mecca for my husband, and many other techies. He faithfully reads the ads and reviews their sales. It is adorable that he is so excited about the store and all its goodies.
Today we went to Fry's, which was probably a better day for him than four years ago, while he waited for me during surgery.
When we go, I get there and become overwhelmed. He then contends that I am not interested in looking. But, the truth is, I would like to look at different things than he would, and I feel an obligation to check periodically on my daughter while she is at "Dance, Dance, Dance, Revolution" or whatever it is called.
Then we get separated and I try calling him on his cellphone, which is what at least 30% of the other customers are doing on their phones. He rarely has the phone with him and we both wander around in search of each other. In the end for him, he is so delighted that we went and he found his stuff. It is the place that I found my "Mister Ed" DVD collection. So maybe I need to look at it as a place for exploration.
And, in the end for me, I am thankful that I am still here so we can go to Fry's together, as well as all the other destinations that make him smile.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Sleepover Parties

When I was younger, these were called slumber parties. Today, they are sleepovers. My only observation is that they are a real sacrafice by the parents -- if your pre-teen is attending one, you may as well give up the following day as they come home tired and EXTRA crabby. If you are nice enough to host one (having forgotten how awful it was for you the last time), you are relegated to snack and food service and being stuck in your bedroom. You cannot win either way.
As we prepare to host a sleepover tonight, I am thankful that my daughter has a group of friends who are excited to get together. And for everything else we have, too.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Four Years (Almost)

It is almost four years since my breast cancer surgery. We did the surgery on our daughter's birthday, since it already had been a day with a wonderful blessing. Now, I have ongoing monitoring and tests, and so far, am doing great. But, that is not to say that each time I have a test or a scan (like today), you wonder if that is the time that your life will once again be in upheaval. But, honestly, you get through stuff you didn't ever figure you could.
What did I learn through my cancer experience? Well, was it a gift as many people suggested? Maybe, in a weird way. I think I am different than before. I am generally nicer to people I encounter in the day (stores, DMV, banks, etc.) and try to be more upbeat. I am more open about things I like and more vocal about things I don't like. My priorities are shifted, focusing more on my husband and daughter. I try to be a more supportive person to people going through difficult times. And yes, I try to appreciate the gift of each day, and my cactus flowers serve to remind me of the short time we all are given.
The biggest change is my interest in my religion. I started studying Hebrew to read a prayer at my daughter's Bat Mitzvah, hoping that I would be here to participate in that event. As a result of an inspiring teacher/Rabbi, I have developed an interest in learning more and having an Adult Bat Mitzvah. By doing that, I am showing my appreciation for the life I have been given after cancer. I don't know how else one really expresses that thankfulness, except for being a better person and doing my part in making the world better for everyone.


Basketball is one sport I used to like to watch. We had season tickets to the Suns and had to sell our playoff tickets with the Bulls as we were moving and needed the money. I regret never getting to see Michael Jordan play. I reportedly slept through some famous move that Larry Byrd did once at a Sonics game.
But, yesterday's draft, with all the high school kids, makes me sick. The lure of money, and all its pitfalls, is totally disgusting.
If Charles Barkley comes back to play with Michael Jordan, I might go. Otherwise, I will not be attending any games.

"Democracy For America"

After Howard Dean left the presidential race. he converted his grassroots network into "Democracy For America," to maintain the momentum of activism developed during the campaign. I witnessed, during my involvment, several people who became re-interested in the political process and activism, and was so motivated by it. One day, I had tears of joy as a busload of kids from Berkeley came to town to go canvassing for Dean supporters. That was so amazing!!!!!!!
Each state converted the "Dean for America" group to "Democracy for America"(DFA), with pro-Democratic activities in each state. For example, this weekend, they have a local group of people going to see "Fahrenheit 9/11" together.
The coolest thing that I have seen in my emails, are the lists of "Dean's Dozens." There have been several (three or four?) lists of 12 people, identified by DFA, who have decided to run for office as a result of being re-energized by the Dean campaign. They range from Corporation Commissioners to state senators and representatives and DFA is using its network to generate support for these folks. I think there is truly hope for us all...now only if we can get the bone-head "I don't vote" voters to get out there, that is.

Can You Wear Out One Song on a CD?

Can you wear out one track on a CD? If so, I have done that. The song is by Timothy B. Schmit and my beloved Eagles, and I don't even know the name except it is the one that is not "Best of My Love." With that song blasting, I have survived horrible traffic driving home from synchronized swimming practice; I have gone to and from various medical procedures and visits, and have generally calmed down when headed home behind a really bad driver.
Maybe I just need one CD with that song over and over again, with an occasional "Ketchup Song" stuck in.
Thank you to Timothy B. and The Eagles for all the times you have rescued me!!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Crying In The Car

It is odd how sometimes you can be driving in the car and something triggers a thought or memory -- and the next thing you know, you are crying. It doesn't happen to me very often, but if one is going through a particularly difficult time, I would think that time alone in the car is probably prime crying time.
Today CBJ, as we call the local disc jockey, did an introduction to a song by David Gates and "Bread." He said it was a love song, but that it was unusual in that David Gates had written it as a love song to his father, after his father's death. So. listening to "Everything I Own", with the knowledge that he wrote that to his father posthumously, made me cry. And it made me miss my father, my grandfather and my husband's father, all of whom were wonderful teachers and role models. The next time you hear that song, you will think of it differently. When I searched the lyrics on Google, I found that NSync had redone the song, but cannot imagine it having the same emotional impact as the original.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

"What are mojos?"

My daughter was watching an Austin Powers movie. Approximately 12 hours later, she asked me "what are mojos?" I looked at her and inquired where she heard it; then I answered with the definition that I thought it was (male body part.) But when I asked her what happened in the movie, she told me that the guy lost or had his mojos stolen and spent the rest of the movie trying to get them back. So, when asked if he did get it back, she said, "No, it broke," leading me to believe that my definition was incorrect. I have subsequently looked it up and now know the correct definition.

Today, when returning another movie, she read the warnings on the box in the car, and asked "Were there drug references?". I described the scene in which there were, and she replied, "Oh, I missed that!."

It leads me to wonder how much of a PG-13 movie an almost 12-year old catches, or better yet, how much she actually misses?


I read the other day about the questions always asked of guests on "Inside The Actors Studio," and I was thinking about it. The one question was "What is your favorite word?" The word that popped into my mind was "heart."

My husband chose "love"; I think, if asked, my daughter would say "shoe". I read that Tom Cruise said "yes" and I forgot what I saw that the host guy of the show said when asked.

Why would I select "heart"? It has so many meanings.
It could be "heart" (courage, passion,guts) that both my husband and daughter have and display on various occasions.
It could be "heart" disease, a hereditary problem in my family.
It could be "heart" in the theme of artwork my husband and I like to collect and display in our bedroom. We have several pieces from MacKenzie Thorpe based on hearts.
It also could be my curiosity as to what ads will appear on my blog by the repeated use of the word "heart."

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The People In My Mind

There is a group of people in my mind. They are alive, but I do not see them frequently. However, they are frequently in my thoughts. This is an eclectic group and every week or so, I think I will telephone one or more of them to see how they are. Then, when the time comes that I should call (quiet evening, afternoon, weekends), I procrastinate and decide I don't feel like talking on the phone, and subsequently never call. The next week, I go through the same cycle. I often feel badly that I don't make the contact that I think about, but I have some kind of phone phobia and hate talking on the phone. I even have most of their phone numbers programmed into my cell phone.
Who are these folks? One is my cousin Nancy, to whom I was close as a child. She lives in NYC, just lost her husband and is a delightful woman with many challenges ahead. We have much in common in how we view the world -- I have only seen her once in the past 30 years. Her mother, Aunt Marilyn, is another, and I do sometimes call her. Mostly I just send them both notes periodically.
Another is my cousin Debra, also someone I was close to as a child. We have been in touch on and off again, mostly due to my inconsistent communication on the phone. In the past two years, we started an annual retreat weekend together, to catch up, chat and hang out, as my daughter would say. She lost her partner recently and has some ongoing problems with her son, but she is really fun to be with, adventurous and has a huge heart.
My path recently crossed again with an old friend from VISTA days, when Jan and her husband, Gary came to town. We crammmed 30 years in one night and are trying to stay in touch. They are both wonderful, warm, gentle people that are a true delight to know.
In conclusion, I do enjoy thinking of these other people, whether or not I stay in touch. I do wish all of them the very best...and they are in my thoughts and prayers for many blessings!


Fruit leathers are the best portable snack around. We used to order them directly from Stretch Island, but then Trader Joe's started doing them, which tells me we are not the only ones eating them. They are portable in both hot and cold weather and suitable for smuggling into venues not allowing food by sticking them inside your unmentionables (besides the more traditional places - purse, pocket, briefcase). They come in great flavors, made with some of the lower glycemic fruits, too.
Other favorite snacks are small bags of healthy nuts, as you get thirsty when you eat them and forget you are hungry. Other people like gum, pretzels, candy, ice cream (not really portable) ... but I like fruit leathers unless I can have some licorice which I never do, but think about alot. Some days I think of red licorice, some days black, other days just "Good 'N Plenty."
Dried vegetable leather would be a wonderful snack, but probably hard to do. I think some of those freeze dried vegetables could be flattened into snack leathers, but may be very inedible. I tried carrying some of the little packages of seaweed sheets you get at a hotel with a Japanese breakfast buffet, but they disintegrated and did not taste very good, though they were probably very healthy. I am definitely always in search of new healthy, snack options.

Sunday, June 20, 2004


Baseball is a big part of our life. My husband loves baseball, watches it, listens to it, reads about it, talks about it and wears lots of baseball t-shirts. We go to games when we can and have celebrations for most major baseball events. We have baseball tableclothes, decorations and serving dishes that I drag out for the All-Star game, homerun contests, World Series, etc. I never watch the games (ok, rarely), but like going to see what the fans are wearing and eating, observe the antics of the mascots and various entertainment breaks of the game. I also always try to locate player wives and other VIPs, while monitoring action in the corporate boxes. At the Diamondbacks, I particularly like the condiment race and am the proud owner of an "I am relish" shirt, which my husband acquired for me because I LOVE relish. Today the ketchup knocked over the relish and mustard in order to win.
I don't really have any favorite teams, but tend to root for particular players and those with unusual stories. I am mostly rooting for players that have overcome medical problems or hardships or have recognizable personalities. In fact, I wore a Galarraga shirt for all my chemotherapy sessions and know all the players for whom there have been Beanie Babies. I like Barry Bonds because we saw him in the Red Carpet room posing for pictures with fans. I would like to have attended the Dennis Eckersley initiation into the Baseball Hall of Fame. (No, I am not an alcoholic.)
Spring training is a highlight each year, watching the games in an incredible setting and feeling very close to the action. Fall League has become a birthday tradition for my husband because you see many future stars. At Fall League, my main occupation is identification of all the World Series rings on the scouts in the audience, as they time the runners and use their radar guns to measure the speed of the pitches.
So, I guess you could say that I am a baseball fan. But today, as always, I had to look at the scoreboard when we leave to make sure I know who played and what the score was.

Telegraph/Telephone/Pass It On

There is a game children play, and I think it is called "Telegraph", where you whisper something to the person next to you, they tell the next person, etc. until it makes its way around a circle and comes back to you. Usually kids end up laughing as the original message is nothing like the final message. It could be called "Telephone", "Pass It On" or "Whisper Down the Lane," but the intent is the same -- in that information gets distorted as it passes from one person to another.
As an adult, when this sort of word-of-mouth event occurs, it is not so funny and is really unnerving. My family seems to have this happen all the time, where information (both good, bad, accurate, inaccurate) is passed on. And, whatever it is, people believe it. When I eventually find out, the truth is never anything close to what I ever thought or intended to do. Did anyone think of asking me before they just jump to conclusions about what I allegedly am planning to do? Of course not.
I try to tell my daughter not to gossip, or even presume and discuss other people's business or motives for doing whatever they do. Unfortunately, the rest of the world has their own rules.


There was an advertisement on my banana today! It was a sticker promoting "Garfield The Movie," which I am not likely to see unless Dean Martin or John Candy come back to do some of the voices. But it is a great advertising space, nonetheless.
I do like a banana periodically, as I have low potassium from a medication I take. The South Beach Diet did not allow bananas, until a very recent update came out, adding a small banana to Phase 2. So I can enjoy them again, buying one small banana periodically as a treat. I like the banana partially green and very firm, so I can never buy more than one or two at a time. I like the fact that Trader Joe's sells them individually, one price no matter what size. And they have lots of green ones, too!
Potassium is also available in orange juice, nuts, many different greens and avocado. But nothing seems to resolve those low potassium symptoms like a small, green banana.
I look forward to seeing what other advertisers rent that space. Logically, it would seem to be compatible products -- cereal, nuts, vitamins. Stay tuned.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Imagery and Breast Cancer

I had the honor of working with a wonderful healer, utilizing imagery and relxation during my treatment for breast cancer (now almost 4 years ago!). The sessions included discussing fears and concerns related to my treatment. Then, using guided relaxation, we developed an imagery exercise. Examples would be for coping with a lifelong fear of needles, or fear of reoccurence of the breast cancer.
These imagery sessions were a gift, as they were a break from chemo and radiation. In a cozy, corner office, with the window open for street sounds, my healer was able to evoke images and relaxation from within me that were remarkable. Each session was recorded for me to have the tapes to use when needed. But, after a period of time, I could (still can) evoke many of those images spontaneously.
Yesterday, I had the great opportunity to see Susan, my wonderful healer. And my family finally got to meet this person who helped me through a difficult period of time. The fact is that every day I do some sort of imagery to relax, focus and stay calm. I am so blessed that she came into my life and am so delighted that she continues to share her magic with others. When I find out that someone is ill, I often send them tapes from some of the healers Susan introduced to me. They are fantastic, and the voice of one of them gives me chills when I think of it as I used it to reduce pain after surgery. But, none of them are as personal, or speak so directly to my soul, as those I created with Susan's help.
An eternal thank you to Susan for sharing her energy with me...

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Bored or Lazy?

Bored is a big word for kids during the summer. It is defined as "to make weary by being dull, repetitive, or tedious," implying that you are actually doing an activity of which you become weary. It is really not the right word for just sitting around, doing nothing, complaining and eating Pringles.
Today, I was talking with my daughter about something I was doing. She asked "Do you like it?"
I responded, "No, I am bored" (the proper use of the word).
Her response was, "Well, you can just be bored at home, without having to leave the house."
I thought about it and told her, "Good point."
And it was.


I am passionate about recycling, drive my family crazy and go through the trash cans (only at home!) to pull out recyclables. But it also presents a dilemna for me, as it paralyzes my ability to get rid of clutter. I feel like you have to recycle old magazines into an additional use, not just into the bin, so there are piles of them around waiting for their next use.
Our garage is full of stuff that is too big for the recycling bin, subsequently just sitting there piling up. I sometimes think I should just give it up, like so many other people do and just don't care. However, on our recent vacation, we drove by the regional landfill site and it is SO much bigger than last year that it was depressing.
I am a fan of the tradition (is it Latin American?) of putting things you are done with out on the sidewalk/curb for others to take and use, kind of a variation on recycling. I have not left anything out, but it is a family joke that some belongings have "come from the street."

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


The concept of volunteering is very appealing to me. The opportunity to give of your time and energy is a wonderful way to help make the world a better place. There are so many choices of places that volunteers are utilized and the biggest problem is deciding where to devote your energies. I have been doing one volunteer commitment weekly for two years. However, I am wondering if it is time to make a change; I know I make the patients' day easier, but I increasingly come home bored or sad for their situations.
I have tried a few other options in the past couple years, but either someone never calls you back, or they don't ever follow through. So, for now, based on inertia, I will probably continue with my current volunteer stint while I wonder what I should do next. Perhaps a lightning bolt will come my way.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Talk Radio

I have enjoyed talk radio tremendously over the past decade, particularly since I stopped working at a professional job. Talk radio was engaging when driving my daughter around to her various activities and has been invaluable while in the house, forcing me to stay in the radius of the radio while doing chores that I don't like (laundry, cleaning, etc.)
I had been a fan of Dr. Laura's, not because I admired her or anything, but it really gave me a sense of the big picture of what most people's lives are made of. Ronn Owens, KGO, morning talk show host was my all-time favorite. He kept me current in politics, books, issues, and personalities in the news. He always talks about award shows the day after, reviewing the awards, the outfits, the speeches.
One very wonderful, but short-lived, talk show came out of Sacramento, and it was hosted by Timothy Busfield, formerly of, at that time, "thirtysomething." At the time he was on the radio, he was a periodic guest on "The West Wing." Elliot, as I always will call him, had a warm, genuine radio style, and had topics like "what is for dinner tonight?" People would call up and share their menus, he would chat and it was generally enjoyable. And I cannot forget late night driving, when Bruce Williams came to the rescue.
Currently, we live in an area devoid of decent talk radio shows, except for the local, politically-conservative hosts which I must avoid. Dr. Joy Brown has a very gentle way with her callers and I learned a great deal about getting our finances in order from Dave Ramsey. But no one is on in the morning to replace Ronn Owens for me....I know that I could listen to Ronn Owens on the internet, but that would mean I would have to stay in one place for three hours. That is highly unlikely.

Sunday, June 13, 2004


I am not historically a fan of musicals, where a group of people are talking, and then suddenly, they burst into a song and dance. I find it to be very irritating and have stayed away from musicals. A revival of "Oklahoma" is making its way around the country and there are many revivals on Broadway now, as evidenced by the recent Tony awards.
I did enjoy "Mamma Mia", and saw Rosie O'Donnell in "Seussical, The Musical" on her opening night (coincidental, not planned). And when I was younger I liked "Grease", "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Hair." I cannot overlook my onetime fascination with "Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris," a fascination I am hard pressed to explain, and over which I have taken much ribbing.
I think I may need to be more open minded and try going to more musicals, but my criteria still includes that they have to have oldies music.


Cheesecake is something you often crave, but don't eat often. As with many high-fat foods, it is almost as satisfying to crave them and think about them as if you were eating it (for me at least!). A case in point - last night we had an unexpected dinner at "The Cheesecake Factory." While waiting,we, along with lots of other diners, previewed all the fantastic cheesecake creations. But after our meal, we opted not to have cheesecake, and be satisfied with thinking about what we might have eaten had we decided to eat cheesecake.
We are fascinated by "The Cheesecake Factory," as shareholders and voyeurs of a business concept that is inspiring. There was a great profile of them on the TV show, "Into The Fire" and we spend alot of our meal time identifying who is the expediter, etc.
In the meantime, I am dreaming of Adams Peanut Butter Fudge cheesecake; that is, at least, until the new 6 carb original cheesecake with Splenda and strawberries arrives on the scene...

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Letter Writing

I am sad to say, email has replaced traditional letter writing, for me, and millions of others, I fear. I still write thank you notes, and thinking of you notes, but the majority of my communications are via email. That has not helped at all with my family relationships. I believe that they read the emails with the emotion and tone that they THINK I would have, always resulting in a negative perception. Maybe that is an exaggeration, but email can be so satisfying with its immediacy and ability for constant, ongoing communication. It can also backfire and incite horrible exchanges that make you afraid to even open up your email.
In addition, I dislike talking on the phone, and am gun-shy from some email disasters, leaving very few options for communication. So, perhaps when people think I am not interested in maintaining a relationship with them, it is merely that I don't have a good way to communicate comfortably and honestly. I think, in some fashion, my blog could serve as a communication medium.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Cactus Flowers

The organ pipe cactus in our yard has amazing flowers. The flower opens as dusk falls and closes when the sun comes out in the morning. Once. Just one night. It has a lifespan of 12 hours or less. They are big, white, waxy, and attract bees, hummingbirds and yes, bats, too.
But they are a metaphor for life, in my mind. What can I do to make sure that I can make a significant impact? The first thing I will do is try to forget anything even vaguely related to Ronald Reagan and his long-term impact the opposite (wrong!!!!!!) way. Then, I can donate my time (volunteer), work on election campaigns or share some of our stuff (goods/cash) with others and impact their life the way that each flower inspires me. The lovely, large blossom that opened last night gives me hope. During its 10 hour life, I got a tremendous amount of joy. Where does today take me as a result of that inspiration?

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Nice People You Meet

I have the opportunity to meet such nice people in my day-to-day routine. I look forward to several of the women in the exercise class that I teach; I like Randy, the pool guy, that comes weekly to take care of our pool and talk politics; I like Susan (the cashier) and Mo (the retired, bagger guy who reminds me of my late father-in-law) that work at the local grocery store. My neighbor Susan is such a warm, generous person and I look forward to running into her at the school bus stop. On my recent vacation I met two nice people, eight very nice giraffes, one sensitive okapi and several forgetful ostriches.
One guy was the owner of a business in Carlsbad, CA., "Hot Shots Eyeware Repair." He replaced the screw in my sunglasses free of charge, with a big smile and would not accept any payment. He had a line of people out of the door of his space, most of them getting free screw replacements. He has a website and I would love to refer people to him (www.eyewarerepair.com). I wish I could give him some additional business, but, thankfully, none of my glasses are currently broken.
Another nice guy was the musician who paid the bills by doing the continental breakfast at our motel. He also has a website and a really big heart and smile. It was a delight to chat with him in the morning as we looked out at the ocean and the schools of dolphins (with their babies) romping in the surf. (www.chilg.net)
I am sure I will think of additional people to add to my nice people list.

Addendum to TV Phrases

As stated in my previous post, I have several favorite TV phrases. But one that I forgot to mention is one that makes me laugh just thinking about it....Dana Carvey playing the "Church Lady" on Saturday Night Live, when he/she says "isn't that special?"

We had the honor of meeting him when our kids went to the same school. He was such a nice (and funny) guy and he and his wife were wonderful, devoted parents. It was hard not to think of the "Church Lady" each time we saw him. Carlos Santana also sent his kids to the same school and it was a huge thrill to see him and other famous musicians come to school to pick up their kids.

Top TV Phrases (in my opinion)

A recent British survey identified top TV phrases, citing "Doh!" from Homer Simpson as number one.

My responses would have included "it was like that when I got here!", uttered often by both me AND Bart Simpson. Close behind would be Maxwell Smart's "Would you believe....?" And then, not much could top Mr. Ed (the original of course) calling, "Wilbur!". Just to conclude my list of favorites, I must post one that I actually say -- "No one said that to me, ma'am," from one of the original "Dragnet" episodes.

As long as we are talking about campy television shows, I love "Mr. Ed," "Get Smart", and "Dragnet". Believe it or not, we actually own DVDs of "Mr. Ed" and "Dragnet." I also enjoy the mindless adventures on "Leave It To Beaver" and "Gilligan's Island." My eclectic DVDs reside with my video, laser disc and DVD of the original, long-time personal favorite "Oceans 11". Perhaps I am also the only person to pre-order the DVD of "The Gods Must Be Crazy I and II." I cannot wait to watch the deleted scenes.

I swear it was like that when I got here....

Monday, June 07, 2004

Heaven on Earth

I think that my idea of heaven on earth would include being surrounded by giraffes...and it really happened! We arranged a photo caravan tour at the San Diego Wild Animal Park and it promises feeding giraffes and closeup encounters with African animals. And closeup it was -- we were the only visitors on the truck that day and, as we entered the African savannah, the giraffes starting approaching the truck. We fed them, 2 or 3 at a time; they nuzzled and licked and breathed on us as we did not feed them fast enough. So then two of them just stuck their heads into the buckets inside the truck. At one point 7 or 8 heads were in the truck ready to eat, including a four month old baby. It is hard to imagine how magical it was -- there was a parade of giraffes walking behind the truck and they were followed by a parade of ostriches. Earlier that day a new baby giraffe had been born ... what a memorable day and only ten days after the Eagles concert. Summer is starting off with a bang! It is going to be hard to top this...