Monday, May 31, 2004


A recent cover story in "Time" magazine covered the topic of new scientific understanding of the brain of a teenager. It was so intriuging to see how the research is obtained, how the brain is developed and "pruned." The most mind-boggling fact is that various activities or sports or mental exercises result in certain areas of your teen brain getting larger. The possibilities are curious, wondering if you can help shape or influence your teen's brain by directing them into specific activities. The article talked about the physiological reasons behind teen moodiness and even sleep patterns.
It leads me to think about how my brain was shaped as a teen, unwittingly really, and how that impacts my behavior now 40 years later. And I wonder if there are patterns engraved in your brain that take over any logic or reason that you may have obtained later in your life -- are these patterns stronger or ingrained deeper than newer patterns?
The information and research is really very magical and has sparked my interest to learn more in order to be a more understanding parent. I will probably never understand the neuro-pathways engraved deeply in my brain, but I know that I will try to never do that to my teen.

Friday, May 28, 2004


I think that character is what differentiates people. People with strong character have a moral code and higher standards for themselves. The utmost character would be someone who had set high standards for themselves, but does not expect it of others as they would be constantly disappointed.

My husband is one of those folks that has set the bar high for himself and then continually raises it. He goes to unknown lengths to accomplish promises made to those in his small inner circle - like the effort expended to be sure that our daughter could get her ears pierced today as promised. Or whatever it took to get tickets to "The Eagles" or a particular DVD that we may want.

There are a few people in my life with exemplary character and concern for others beyond themselves. I feel so honored to know them and am thankful for them (especially my husband) every day! I also hope to be a better person for knowing them and perhaps someday it will rub off on me.

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine how thrilled I am to find out that the ads on my blog are selling Eagles tickets to the ongoing "Farewell I" tour? That is so amazing!!!! I feel like I am now part of the scene, even if I had to take off my new tshirt (finally) to wash it.

Thursday, May 27, 2004


Summer is here, meaning school is out. Changes in the daily routines, out of town company, lots of extra driving to cool sounding camps that require cross town drives at all sorts of odd hours.
I love the desert landscapes and cacti, but as it gets closer to August, my irritability index reaches the max. I am a believer in the concept of year-round school, so the kids don't forget everything they learned. The parents can spread out their vacations and come up with new responses to requests to watch television from morning 'til night. The fact is, that school was just out today and I already gotten one "I'm bored." I guess I will have to get creative on ideas to creatively encourage reading and workbooks. Sounds like I better get busy on that real soon.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

It's Over Now

The Eagles concert is over now, but my face still hurts from smiling the entire three hours, my throat is sore and my ears are ringing --- and I'd do it all again tonight if I could. It is so amazing to see the songs you love performed in person, noting who sings what, who plays what and watching the on-stage antics. Nothing fancy in the lights, dancing or stage set, but just "The Eagles" doing their songs. There were three encores as the crowd wasn't about to leave until they heard "Desperado" at the conclusion. Timothy B. Schmitt did his two famous ballads without the sore throat at last year's concert, and they were as wonderful as ever. "Lyin' Eyes" was also a highlight!
Staying overnight at the hotel next to the arena (yes, they stayed there too!) meant you could be there for each and every second of the entire show. My family humored me for the evening, from start to finish, and that will add to my memory of a special evening. What, in life, could be better than watching "The Eagles" with the two people you love most? Every time I sing along, at the top of my lungs in the car, I will smile again remembering that. Plus, whenever I wear my new shirt, I will be reliving that peaceful, easy feelin'.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Eagles

I love the band, "The Eagles". They make me smile and I can listen to them over and over and over and still smile as it if were the first time I ever heard them! My daughter asked me why I like them and I could not really give her a good answer, but I do.
My husband went to great effort to secure awesome tickets the day tickets went on sale for "Farewell Tour I." It was so wonderful that, when "Farewell Tour II" (or the extension of "Farewell I" started in 2002)tickets went on sale, we bought those too. And it is tomorrow and I cannot wait. I have my t-shirt ready to wear from the moment we leave the house on the concert excursion.
I am only sad that it will soon be over and I have to wait for "Farewell Tour II" (or whatever they choose to call the ongoing extensions).

Mothers and Daughters

The question of the ages -- mother/daughter relationships. How much is too much -- love, stuff, direction, molding, yelling, bossing, demanding, caring, expecting? Should you buy them material goods to demonstrate how much you love them? Or can you wrap your arms tightly around them to protect them from all the hurt and pain you know they will experience in life?
Perhaps you know you are doing ok when a happy time for them is as good as if it were for you. Or when you buy them a pair of shoes that you know they will love and feel as big a thrill as if they were your own. Or maybe you just do everything the opposite of how your own mother acted and everything will turn out ok.
As the eternal optimist, believing that next time will be the good time, I can only hope for the best.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Cleaning the House

I have been hoping to get the house ready for a houseguest next week, but, as my previous post indicates, I am a big time procrastinator. So, as the time approaches, I think about it alot more, come up with ideas, but don't get the cleaning done. Perhaps I really need to think less about cleaning, and more about getting rid of clutter and all the stuff that piles up everywhere.
What I end up doing is shoving stuff in closets, drawers, bags and boxes to clean off surfaces for cleaning at the verrrrry last minute. Reading books and articles about organizing is good, but what I really want is TLC's "Clean Sweep" crew to come in and get it ready for the "While You Were Out" crew. Then, I want to have "Pimp My Ride" come and fix up my husband's extra car that is in the driveway. Of course, that is, only if X to the Z brings me one of his funky, souped up tricycles as a gift when he arrives.

So Many Thoughts...

So many things are running through my mind this morning that I don't know which one(s) to write about...check back later.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Monthly Homeowner Association Meeting

Tonight I attended the monthly Homeowner Association meeting. I am Secretary of the Association and enjoy participating as you become aware of what is going on in the association and the neighborhood. Most of the meetings are non-controversial and pleasant, but every once in awhile, an angry neighbor attends, making me wonder why I would want to be on the Board.
The truth is, someone has to be on the Board, and different residents should take turns serving a board term so they too could be better informed. And if people don't want to follow the rules, then they should not buy a home in an area with an association. You have the obligation of reading the rules and agreeing to abide by them prior to the sale -- maybe people don't read them or just decide that the rules will not apply to them.
So, tonight is one of the nights that was less than pleasant. And, to top it off, I have to do two sets of minutes and am very good at procrastinating. When I actually sit down to do them, it is not that bad.....procrastinating is a difficult habit to break. The thing you are avoiding must be in crisis or close to a deadline in order to get it done -- that is a habit I would like to change. But I remember procrastinating my state report (Mississippi) in 5th grade so it is not a new problem for me.

Lunch Date

I had a fun lunch date with my husband today, but lunch is such a food problem. You want to eat something healthy, low carb and interesting, but sometimes just cannot get the perfect meal. If you eat too low carb, you are hungry. If you eat too high carb, you get sleepy. So lots of times it is just easier to eat lunch at home and think about what you might have eaten if you had gone out.

My Yard

I never get tired of our backyard. In the morning I watch the sunrise, look at the cacti and flowers , watch the birds come and go. I feed the quails (love their babies!!!!) and hummingbirds, but lots of other birds come and feast as well. At night, I look at the stars, the moon and the cactus flowers. My family is subjected to ongoing reports of yard activities. I feel so blessed that we have this amazing yard from which I get so much pleasure.
I often buy seeds and bulbs to plant, but, sadly, never get them planted. We have a few small crops in our paltry vegetable and herb garden. I love harvesting them and watching them grow, and have many unexecuted plans for creating a larger vegetable and herb garden. Until then, I will just appreciate the open space and changing scene in the yard. The only scenes that might be more capitivating would be a magnificent ocean vista or that view that you have when you have climbed all the way to the top of Mount Sinai in Israel, or wherever it is now. I was very captivated by the river views in New Orleans and Bangkok, where there are boats moving 24 hours a day.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

New calendar

I realize that I have been so busy that I need to get a new (different type)calendar, rather than using the free one sent out by our real estate agent. But what kind should I get? I need something with some time slots for each day as now I write two or three things on each day, cannot read them and then worry that I might be forgetting an appointment. So I can get a datebook, but it has to be small enough to be portable in my purse. What do I want it to say about me -- one with African animals, Eeyore, birds, constellations, cactus flowers, or something else that I really like. I am thinking of all the various possibilities and will take my time to select one. Perhaps, by the time I decide, it will be next year and another free one will come along.


Why don't people exercise their right to vote? I worked at the election polls yesterday for a local election and we had a small turnout. I admire those that did come to vote and suffer with limited parking and an uphill climb. But what about those that did not choose to vote? It is a privilege that people take for granted, and with the ease of absentee ballots, you don't even have to go anywhere to do it. We had lots of people make jokes about hanging chads. The voting machine that accepted the ballots was called the Eagle -- pretty appropriate name. And the sheriff is responsible for providing security for the ballots, with the assistance of the chain gang.
I love working on election campaigns, though I should be paid NOT to volunteer as my track record includes Muskie (before the dirty tricks started), Bill Bradley and Howard Dean. But I really did like all of them enough to volunteer my time and energy. Not sure who deserves my time and energy now....

The reason for doing a blog

I often reflect on what it is that I think about. So, I decided to do a blog to chronicle the various thoughts and topics that pass through my mind. Perhaps I will find a pattern that will help me find a new interest, hobby or activity.