Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Magic of the Night Sky

I am drawn to meteor showers, as they represent the majesty of the universe. I sat on a chair watching the meteor shower on August 12th. I thought I would see one or two and be satisfied. Then saw two small ones, followed by one that went all the away across the sky -- and I wanted more.
The recent lunar eclipse did totally darken the night sky, but I was not able to see the part where the moon was blocked. It is amazing, however, to note that the stars were extra bright and plentiful that dark night.
It is the magic of the unknown and mystery that draw me to the sky. I am seeking that same unknown inspiration as reflect while attending holiday services tomorrow and in the days that follow. Will the inspiration come like a flash of light across the sky, or will it be a spark inside of me that becomes ignited.?
I wonder and wait with excitement.