Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Search For New Inspiration

I am craving something new and different to do with my time. Granted, my priority is still my husband, daughter and de-cluttering my house to allow positive energy to circulate.
I started attending a weekly Womens' study class, where we are discussing the meaning and form of prayer. My husband and I are signed up to attend a Jewish Meditation Retreat next May, with two Rabbis that are amazing and special. We are also talking about doing dream boards of our goals, hope, wishes and dreams. This year is our 25th wedding anniversary and seems to be the likely time to renew our visions of the future.
One thought I have, after my class this week -- prayer, at its best, is not about leaving the world behind, but about bringing heaven and earth together, about bringing holiness into the lives that we actually live, the earthly feelings that we experience. That sounds like a good path for finding something new and different.