Monday, July 03, 2006

We Left A Piece of Our Hearts

Last month we had the chance to visit the Florida Panhandle, a vacation destination my husband has hoped for. It was kind of last minute, but we got condos on the beach in Panama City Beach and Destin, and used Delta miles and flew to Pensacola. It was a long way to go, but hard to leave. The people were friendly; the food was amazing; the beaches were a combo of Hawaii, Cancun and Rio. Every day we talk about when we will go back. It was sobering for us "Yankees", as someone called me, to see the remaining damage from Hurricane Ivan, Katrina and others. The people are continually rebuilding and trying to make a living, despite Mother Nature. One woman said her husband wept at the sight of his century-old pecan farm destroyed.
The highlights -- Marina Oyster Bar in Pensacola, Pier 77 in Panama City Beach, Dewey Destin Seafood, dolphin cruise in Destin, floating on the waves.
It is not a question of will we go back, but when? Lots of folks from Lousiana, Georgia and Mississippi sure know a good vacation spot that they have kept to themselves.