Monday, August 28, 2006

Target My Way

Everyone seems to be loving Target stores these days. No matter what you like, you will find some version of it available at Target. I don't go often as I find their "clearance" sections to be irresistable, always buying items I don't really need. The Garden Center has become a draw for me as they offer great, healthy plant starts.
Today, I made a discovery. The bags, the dreaded plastic bag, have tips on them for reusing the bag (if you cannot recycle it, of course.) I go to great lengths to reuse paper and plastic bags, to the extent that groceries often end up in the driveway when the bags break open.
Target's suggested uses are a mix of practical ideas with really funny ones: tiny trashcan liner, doggy duty, water balloon, roadtrip rubbish, soggy laundry, ice pack for head lump (my personal favorite), toiletry tote, kitty litter liner, tomorrow's lunchbag or care package padding.
I hope people take these ideas to reuse the bags to heart. My daughter went on a desert jeep ride last year; when she came home and was asked what she saw, her reply was "lots of plastic bags stuck on bushes."

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Butterflies For Belleruth

A flock of butterflies fluttered over my car this morning as I headed to the second day of the session by Belleruth Naperstek on "Breakthroughs In Healing Trauma". I was introduced to her guided imagery work six years ago when I was going through cancer treatment. Her gentle, kind voice and words led me through chemo, radiation, stress, insomnia and assorted other challenges. I have given her materials to friends and family in need of healing assistance for grief, illness or trauma.
I signed up immediately when I first saw the announcement last January that she was coming to Phoenix. It was a thrill to imagine being in the same room with someone who greatly influenced my ability to cope with uncomfortable situations. I learned so much about the benefits and uses for imagery with people that have post-traumatic stress disorder, facing horrific memories and struggling to cope with their lives and fears. When Belleruth did some guided imagery for those fortunate to be in attendance, I had chills and tears as each session carried me back to all the places where I have used her imagery. I actually had to open my eyes to watch her as she led the sessions, hardly believing that I was hearing her do them in person. It was magical.
Belleruth is miraculous, carrying people with her to the other side of trauma, illness and fear -- a place where it is safe, loving and accepting.
Yes, I'm certain that those butterflies were for her, for her gentle guidance in helping people become free of constraining pain and memories. We go to sleep each night with the sleep cd from Health Journeys. Tonight I will listen to her melodic words with an image of that caring soul and I will smile, as I was in a peaceful place for the past two days.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My New XM Radio

My husband bought me a portable XM radio for our anniversary -- and so far, I love it. I am probably an unlikely customer as I mostly like hearing "The Eagles" or talk radio. I am also not a big technology person, but the radio and remote work very simply.
The problem is that the local talk radio is limited as I am fussy about what I like. Ronn Owens in San Francisco was classic as, when listening to him, I would stay in one room and complete a task. That is my main reason for talk radio, until, that is, I heard "The Bob Dylan Theme Hour" on a United flight, as a sampling of XM radio programming.
I listened to the same show all the way from London to San Francisco, learning about music from Bob Dylan's perspective, based on the theme of "rain." As a result, we now have XM radio to hear that, comedy, an old favorite Bruce Williams, to name a few. How fortunate for us that our anniversary is the same weekend that XM is playing the first 16 hours of the show in a sort of marathon.
Will it help me stay in one place to straighten up the garage, clean a closet, dust? Tune in later and find out (that is a radio pun, in case you did not get it.)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Uneasy Night

Was it the late afternoon cup of coffee? Or lots of dark chocolate before bed? Perhaps the new Pepsi Jazz soda which had caffeine? Was it pending travel with uncertain travel and safety concerns?
Whatever the reason, it was a restless night at our house. We could blame it on the beeping noise coming from the salt chlorinator. Or perhaps it was just hot and humid.
The most likely reason, however, was just the first day of high school for an unaware freshman, not accustomed to very early rising and all that lies ahead.
She did not need to have the first-day-of-school stomach ache; we had them for her.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Summer Hiatus Comes to an end

When school is out, I am on hiatus. This means, to me, lack of a structured schedule. But, with school one week away, my hiatus is ending.
It has been a summer unlike any other in my life. Travel to the Florida Panhandle was amazing and we have menus taped to our refridgerator to remind us daily. We loved it from start to finish and discuss when we can return.
The MLB All-Star Game in Pittsburgh and AAA game in Toledo, Ohio were dream-like. We watch clips of Ryan Howard winning the Home Run Derby and have to pinch ourselves that we were there. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland was fantastic, and gave us a thirst to learn more about Bob Dylan.
A one-week excursion to Europe had high and low points. The chocolate and food in Belguim were spectacular, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam showcased the artist's madness, while madness of another sort was evident at the nearby Anne Frank house. I gasped when I saw the infamous bookcase that blocked the entry to their upstairs hideaway.
London was a myriad of people, diverse cultures, surreal street markets, retracing the steps of the "Notting Hill" movie...I always say it is good to leave a place when there are more things to do than you have time to do. We just scratched the surface of London and will plan a return trip, we hope.
But school, and routine, and meetings and driving obligations loom. I have some great summer memories to get me through those days. Plus the re-emergence of Spinning classes in my life will help.